JoJo Brooks™
Fabulous Skin Tightening Masque

Skin Tightening Masque

Fabulous Skin Tightening Masque containing BTX


Research indicates that our skin begins to reveal signs of aging when it becomes dehydrated. The reason is that collagen, the primary protein of our connective tissue, becomes weak. When this happens our skin is unable to retain moisture. The result is the loss of elasticity, causing fine lines and wrinkles. The Fabulous Skin Tightening Masque has been specifically formulated to improve skin elasticity, soften age lines, regain suppleness and restore vitality for the face, eyes and neck. As an added bonus, it contains BTX, which mimics the effects of Botox.

Apply this to the face, eye area, neck and declotte for a firming, tightening look to the skin. Can be used around the eye orbit to tighten crows feet.

2 Fluid Ounces